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Several Tips Teach Beginners to Learn Swimming

In general, almost all of all
beginners are fear of water, so I will give you the brief introduction of swimming tips. It is best for you to practice first on dry land

before you go into the water. And you should be careful and never hesitate to turn to professional swimmers for help. The ability to master the following tips will determine

whether you will succeed.

Do two kinds of exercise on dry land

You need to do two kinds of exercises in order to first practice well on dry land, the one is to lift your legs while you are lying your back, with your hands being extended

behind your head, and the other is to bow with your hands behind your head.

Fight against the fear of water

In order to fight against your fear of water, you need first to find the source of fearing water. And then you need to fight this fear. In addition, it is better to handle the

problem and go into the water, and you need not dare a lot, because there will be professional swimmers to protect you be your side in the

Repeatedly do the following exercises in the water

1.Keep your hands up for support in the right position, and feel free to float on the water. And then extend your legs to the horizontal posture, and lie down for ten to twelve seconds and tighten your legs and rise.

2.Stand with your face to the side and life your hands up with deep inhale. Sit down and put your hands in the water, with moving your legs easily.

3.Lie down in the water and your legs should slightly be dissolved to the side. After that, try to put your legs together without lying with your legs extended.

4.Raise your face to the side. Lift your hands up and sit down in the water with them up to your chin, and take a deep full breath, with putting your hands in the water. Then, start moving you legs softly into the water.

Seize the correct breathing for swimming beginners

Do an exercise of standing in the water for
beginners, and take a deep breath and combine your lips as if to pronounce a long o. Sat down and get into the water up to your chin, inhale, and lower your lips into the water, exhales through your mouth so that bubbles will appear on the water.

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